Budget 49cc Benzin Løbehjul Med Støddæmper

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Mød denne 49cc benzin løbehjul. Vi har opgraderet denne hurtige løbehjul med front dual shock støddæmpere og aluminium tunet udstødning. Andre funktioner omfatter 9" pneumatiske luft fyldte hårde dæk, aluminium mag hjul, og bag skivebremser og nem foldbar design. Denne løbehjul er super stærk, dens ramme er lavet af høj spænding stål og det store dæk er lavet af høj kvalitet letvægts aluminium med et bearbejdet logo. Denne benzin drevne løbehjul er af fantastisk værdi, sjov og kører op til over 35km/t.

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  1. Awsome little scooter

    Af Paul February 05, 2021

    I purchased my scooter and began modifying it right away
    Be careful it’s not built for extreme rides unless you want to do extreme maintenance lol my scooter is modified to the max I can only play with gears as I removed the reducer put a centrifugal clutch on flipped motor and rear wheel and now I hit insane speeds it’s very powerful when setup right search the internet for mods their fairly cheap and easy to do happy scooter!!!!!

  2. Awesome Scooter!

    Af Ernest November 19, 2020

    I've had electric scooters in the past and they sucked compared to this beast. I'd Recommend to a friend for sure!

  3. Impressive scooter

    Af Ivan September 29, 2020

    Awesome scooter, I’m so impressed with the quality and performance. Highly recommended

  4. She’s amazing

    Af Asael - USA September 23, 2020

    I love the scooter she’s perfect. first time riding her she flew on me but I got used to her shes pretty fast once you get her. But you can make her even faster by Straight piping her. It got here 2 weeks after I ordered her so don’t get too exited!

  5. My son is overjoyed

    Af Leslie September 04, 2020

    After saving his money for months my 13-year-old son finally has his scooter and he couldn't be happier. It took some adjustment at first to get it to go - luckily his dad is good with motorized vehicles! But once he took off the "woohoo" of joy could be heard throughout the neighbourhood. It arrived all the way to Minnesota in a week - amazingly fast. It's basic but looks cool, and a great starter scooter. Absolute bargain for the first ride for a teen.

  6. Rewarding once you finish

    Af Samuel August 28, 2020

    Perfect for those new to the scooter world. She’ll fly on you. Takes a bit getting used to if your a scooter first timer like me. Gonna buy few extra custom parts online to make it just right. Good purchase tho.

  7. zIpPeR SkOoTeR

    Af Kurt April 14, 2020

    Good buy, hopefully it'll ride smooth an get good gas mileage too

  8. Great Fun

    Af Jordan October 04, 2019

    A nice scooter. Lots of fun to ride it and very nippy too!

8 vare(r)

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