Brand new version of the Taigen Panzer RC Tank

Brand new version of the Taigen Panzer #RC #tank with full 360 degrees rotating turret and hopped up to the max with all the metal upgrades.

Upgraded with:

  • Full 360 degrees rotating turret
  • Newest 2.4Ghz radio system
  • Hobby hydro painting
  • Metal chassis
  • Steel gearset (3 in 1 steel gearset with bearing)
  • Metal drive and idler wheels and metal road wheels with rubber
  • Metal tracks
  • Metal suspension
  • Metal accessory parts
  • Metal turret with metal gun barrel
  • Metal machine gun light

Capture One 32568oo Capture One 32582oo

RC Cars Buyers Guide To Sizes and Power Sources

There are two main things to consider when choosing a remote controlled car. Firstly is the power source with electric, petrol and nitro available. petrol remote control cars run on a mixture of normal petrol and 2 stroke oil, both of which are available at virtually any petrol station making them very convenient and cheap to run. The petrol engines are big so petrol cars are only available in large sizes making them more expensive but this means there is also space for a large fuel tank so they have longer running times between refueling. Continue reading RC Cars Buyers Guide To Sizes and Power Sources

The Top 5 Best RC Cars Of 2016: The Definitive List

Best RC Cars Title

One of the most common questions we are asked is which is the best RC car. I’ve read a lot of lists and guides on general blog sites and affiliate sites where the writer is clearly not from the industry and they have just filled a page with Amazon links in the hope of getting some commission sales. So we have decided to put together this list of the best RC cars based on price, performance, ease of use and popularity.

Before jumping into the list I should mention about the different types of RC cars which are nitro, petrol and electric. All have advantages and disadvantages as below and the list includes all the types:

Nitro RC Cars

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The Definitive 10 Step Guide On How To Start Your Nitro RC Car

There are many guides out there that explain how to start a nitro RC car but many beginners can still struggle as the guides assume that you already have a little knowledge or do not go into enough detail.
So if you are pulling your hair out and just can’t get it going then don’t fret, if you follow this guide from start to finish and don’t miss a single step then you will get it going.

IMPORTANT – Before We Start..

  1. Do not skip a single step. Some things may not seem important but actually if not done then it will stop the engine starting. Take your time and make sure you follow every step carefully.
  2. If the engine is very cold it is going to make starting it a little bit more difficult. If it is the middle of winter and you are outside trying to start a brand new engine in the cold for the first time you are not going to have a nice time. Instead, make yourself a nice hot drink, take it somewhere warm and take your time. Of course you should not run a nitro engine indoors as they give off fumes when started but for pre-starting setup do it somewhere warm and if you do start the engine you can just turn it off again straight away.
  3. It’s useful to have a basic understanding of how the engine works so that the instructions make more sense. The engine sucks up fuel from the fuel tank and air through the air filter. Inside the engine the fuel is mixed with the air and compressed against a glowing coil (glow plug) which ignites the fuel and air mixture causing an explosion. This explosion forces the piston down which turns the engine and also sucks up the air and fuel for the next explosion. The important bit to remember is that the more air in the mixture the bigger the explosion will be. So when you apply throttle it opens up the air flow so more air can get into the engine making the explosions bigger and therefore making the engine go quicker. So if you have an air leak more air will get into the engine making it accelerate on its own and almost impossible to start.

STEP 1 – Get The Right Tools Ready..

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New 1:5 Scale Petrol Monster Truck Just Arrived


Brand new just in this 1/5th scale petrol RC Hummer special carbon edition. Comes with a big 30cc engine and 2.4G radio as standard. There is a 2WD to 4WD conversion set as an optional upgrade. Price is £399.99 with free delivery. More info here:

1/18th scale RC fun x modest budget = BEAM BUGGY + KING TRUGGY

At Nitrotek, we are always looking for ways to improve the features and performance of our models without adding to the cost!

The Beam Buggy and King Truggy are two highlights in the RC world that deliver in performance, technology and value for money…

They combine light weight, simple design and huge performance with the latest in 2.4ghz radio technology and are sure to bring a smile to all drivers both young and young at heart!

Click the pictures to find out moreDSC_w7840 DSC_7887